Thursday, April 1, 2010

what are friends for...? a longer life!

ohk here is the latest research/study/report bla bla bla...well, obviously not so latest, considering the fact that it came to light last year sometime, but yeah...for us SIMC-ians, it sure is new!

so, here's the deal i am putting up in front of you...just one, wait that would be real less....3 months...(haha! shaan...3 again! ;) ). yes, so guys 3 months thats' all i ask for...don't try...just think, 'cuz trying it might kill killed me for a whole lotta good time...2 years! yep. neway...what i am saying is...for 3 months just think of your life without any friends. in your life. around you. not talking to you, or you not talking to them.

wow. would surely feel great! wouldn't it?

hell no. it would kill you...! it killed me too...but i somehow managed to keep alive, my parents' hopes and expectations were at stake...and then, at that point of time, even your life doesn'r put it behind too to achieve something to shine in the eyes of your parents. so thats what kept me alive, even when i was dead.

and then, guys imagine, after those three months, that one friend walks in...lalalalaaaaa....and in walks sunshine, right in your life...tell me...yes or no...?

that's what the experts did. isolated people, for a period of 3-4 months and then sent along a friend. and the person who was almost on the verge of killing himself, saw a new life right there. they even saw this in amongst the old aged. those who were lonely, or had been, died faster, or were going through various problems, but those, who had friends...they are still alive, and kickin' ! :)

so yo guys! be it just one or many...keep ur buds right alongwith you...and see life shines more...

ta da!
till next time...toodles!