Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the road with you...

Deep in thought, we walked- on and on, without paying much attention to our surroundings, ourselves or us! We walked like two living graveyards and my mind was blocked to do any sort of talking. Did this affect you?
At times like these, self doubts arose and I began thinking whether you really cared. I knew I did…about you…but was it the same from your side too?
I was in doubt always and it lead me to not ask you anything about it. Every time I thought of bringing up the topic, it seemed to be the wrong time…not the opportune moment! I wish for only that moment that you could read my thoughts. Did you care what I thought of you? Did you care whether I thought of you at all? The doubt manifested itself into making me think that I did not matter to you, that I had ceased to make a difference!
And yet when we passed each other in the corridors and our arms brushed past each other, all my doubts were vanished in thin air. When you look into my eyes the way only you can, you complete me! All the stupid mistakes I make which make you smile make me laugh! At times when silence is what I need but your still there holding my hand, I feel loved…comforted! Every moment I spend with you, I live in the present or mostly it’s just re-living our past moments. I wait for you to come after me and when you do, I forget my troubles. When we are together, to me everyone else on Earth suddenly becomes non-existent…it’s just me and you.
The time when you say you love me, I take that to be the truth even though it is not so. The time we hug my mind is locked into only thinking about you.
Tiny things, like these make the biggest of differences and though there are times that we spend quietly thinking, those are the times I treasure those are the moments I spend with you.