Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello, much? :P

Title : Swine Flew Away
- Pun by Aditya S.K , Graphics by Malvika Asher

hi, all. it's my first post here. i din't know what to write, so here's something to smile/laugh/guffaw about. 
Until next time.

P.S - Save all of these on your desktop and then view them using Windows Picture Viewer, it'll go in order, and it's funnier that way.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010


Her botox smile did not give her away,
The superficial life she led was coated with lies and presented to him.
He had known her once and lost her.
He knew the many emotions she felt inside,
He knew the sentiments she attatched herself to.
But she seemed happier now,less burdensome.
He took on the burden but ignored its existence.
Slowly,the smiles faded and the inner self was left exposed.
He left her again for he wanted to evade all that she asked of him.
In today's times,a little love is too much to ask for.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's in a Name?

Sexy Sharalaya Pvt. Ltd
Neilgiri Inc.
In collaboration with
no offence intended anyone productions!
Proudly present
Whats in a name?(naam mein kya hain?)
  1. If Aparajita decides to eat in a vegetarian hotel, what would the world call this event?
    Answer: OMG it’s Aparajita Kalyani Veg!!!!!!!!
  1. Sanyukta decides to start her own radio station, she names it?
    Answer: Radio W(iyer)!!!
  1. Tim Burton came to S.I.MC and he decided he wanted to caste someone from the college in a magnum opus production of his. He found his person but kept it suspense. One year later, people saw the trailer of the movie -
    “Mehernaz F Jila with her answer paper in Wonderland”!!!
  2. What’s the major similarity between Sholay and S.I.M.C?
    Answer: Both of them have legendary Thakurs! ( Just in case you didn’t realise Rohan is a Thakur too!)
  1. Who cheats a lot during tests and exams in S.I.M.C?
    Answer: Neil (Cheat)nis!!
  1. Why did Siddhi leave Maharashtra?
    Answer: Coz Thakeray told her “ Abey tuuu Bhopal(e) la nighun jaa, tu ithli nahiss!!!! “
  1. Who are the two that make Nandan both proud and sad at the same time?
    Answer: Shaan and Pareshaann!!!!!!
  1. Saket comes to know that Shalini is cheating on him. He is shocked and says???
    Answer: OH MY GHOSH!!
  1. If Vibhuti Happa decided to build a hotel, she would name it???!!!???
    Answer: Taaajjjuuuu Mahal!
  1. Anupam Siddharth decided to conduct a test on the Godfather screenings. Every one failed because they were asleep as they could not understand the accent. Who topped?
    Answer: OBVIOUSLY Sherry!! Why? Coz she was Sherry Italia(n) hence she easily understood Marlon Brando’s accent.
  1. Isha Chauhan lovessss soft toys!!! So what did her best friends gift her on her birthday???
    Answer: Teddy Ashok!!
  1. Sexy Sharalaya: Arey NeilgirI we should come up with a joke on Nakul. After all he was our roommate in Panchgani!
    Neilgiri: Yeh! Let’s think of one!!!
    Thinking thinking thinking.........
    Sexy Sharalaya: Yeh, i got a riddle!
    Neilgiri: Shoot! I am all ears!!
    Sexy Sharalaya: If Nakul was to play a character in Mahabharat, which character would he play?
    Neilgiri: Hmnnn, i don’t know. Answer?
    Sexy Sharalaya: Any character will do, but most definitely a Kaura(va)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    Neilgiri: Arey, why can’t he play ‘Nakul the Pandava’??
  1. What SIMC couple is good for your hair?
    Ans : S(h)ampu.
    One more on our world famous S.I.M.C couple!
  1. Dhruv Prakash when he is drunk: Sampu Roxx!
    Dhruv Prakash in his senses: Sampu Roxxx!!!
    Dhruv Prakash during class hours: Sampu Roxxxxx!!!!!
    Dhruv Prakash at pavement: Sampu Roxxxxxxx!!!!!!!
    Dhruv Prakash while having sex: Well Ahem ahem ahem!!!
  1. Whats Ayesha’s favourite slogan?
    Ans : V-shal overcome!
  1. And what’s Vishal’s favourite slogan?
Ans: Ayyy-shall overcome!!
  1. Why doesnt Sreyashi support the Kolkata IPL team?
    Ans : Because, DEY doesn’t get along with the kNIGHTriders!
  1. Who got a warning letter for getting a tiger to college?
    Ans : Nandan Sher-laya!
  1. Once Pragya is sleeping in class. The prof comes from behind and :Prof : Oh, ho ho ho! Whats this? Are we relaxing?
    Pragya : No, im Pragya Singh.
  1. What will children in the future say when the visit the hall of fame in the UN museum?
    Ans : Koshtub, Voh-raha!
  1. Who turns up everytime someone has a smoke?
    Ans : Malvika ASHer
  1. Who is the most successful person in college so far?
    Ans : Purnima, coz she frequently reaches out to the Akash (sky).
  1. But it’s a damn competitive world. If Purnima can reach the sky, who can touch the stars?
    Ans : Chandani !
  1. Why was Angi’s native tounge mentioned as ‘Punjabi’ in the records?
    Ans : Coz they thought he is Angi Kaur!
  1. Who is the in-house expert on outdoor advertising?
    Ans : Monica BANERjee
  2. Who is the Kamina?
    Ans : Jay DHANTANA!
  1. Who is a true believer in ’17 till I die’ ?
    Ans : Trisha SATRA
  1. Who is the most restless, noisy person?
    Ans : (pr)Ashant Kanaujia
  1. Which character in college is actually fictional like all Karan Johar movies?
    Ans : A-myth!
  1. What is Neha P.’s favourite food?
    Ans : Pee-za!

    1. Against the wishes of her family and friends, Neha P decided to marry DHANTANA. S.I.M.C decided to close for two days in protest. Why?  
Ans: They didn’t want association with another Pee-Jay.( PJ Neilgiri and PJ Sexy Sharalaya were ENOUGHH!)  

32. If you throw Trisha the one with normal human hair, in a dust bin, what does she still say!!!
    Answer: I am Bin-"Das"!
33. Sexy Sharalaya: Abey Neil, main soch raha tha, kii humain aur jokes develop karna chahiye.
    Neilgiri: B********! English main bol, nahi toh Anisha will go ask Vishal Jokare for subtitles!
    -The End-