Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dionysia 2010.

So, it's finally happening.
There's so much more to it this year.
Like we had planned, and were forced to unplan.
Nonetheless, it's on track. More or less. And, on it's way.
Keep watching this space. For updates. Like, Bhopu Bajao-ing!

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However, I'd suggest you do both. Spread the word. And, bajao!

Poster Courtesy: Malvika Asher

- Team Dionysia 2010


  1. this is something i await wit bated breath!!! :D

  2. oh my god! i love the poster...i love the theme...the bhopu bajaoing, and as devu said...even i await this event! with baited breath for sure!

  3. And, worth the wait, it shall be.