Wednesday, March 10, 2010


New place, new people

I moved on

And so did you.

A long time has passed since, we have kept in touch…

..barely though…

It hardly is possible now…

With our priorities and commitments changing…

Small things irritate

Everything we say or do is a lie or fake

At one point of time we shared everything small or big

But now it’s become a pain

And all that’s left to do is excuses to make

It becomes weird even to talk

Yet when we meet…

The back slaps…the hugs….the stupidness returns…

It’s like we were never apart

A thousand things I want to hear and some more to tell

The thread that binds us together becomes stronger now, more than then

That’s the beauty of friendship

Even after being miles away from each other…

Nothing can tear us apart!

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