Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding yourself in the lights!

Its not easy to build a name for yourself! What's harder is maintaining it! Finding where you shine and then doing whatever it takes to keep the shine constant is the way to go. Not many choose to walk this line.
But those who do, are the ones we listen to.

It's all a game of choice, credibility and continuity!
Best of luck!


  1. I have noticed this all along.
    Maybe a person who is talking to you would never really realize how you think,

    but I think you write brilliantly. I think you should take up writing as seriously as clicking.

    Good work.
    Like the picture.
    Keep up.

  2. great work. shaan is right. you really write well...and well here at leats we can read what you write unlike in your copies...;) lol
    love ya...keep writing.