Saturday, January 16, 2010

random, very random...

at some point of time in your life you are blessed with meeting someone who touches your life in a way that no one else has before and for that reason friendship, like no other feeling is a mutual linking of hearts, so special right from the beginning, even if u have known the person for a short time ...
When we all joined SIMC, nobody knew who was who. Someone came from Coimbatore, :), while somebody came from Bhopal, :) :).
And not only from India, but people came from Dubai, Muscat and God knows where else did they come from. So, basically, coming from somewhere totally different, leaving your parents behind, leaving your friends behind, for an unknown place, where you don't know what life is going to be like...
But, leaving all that aside, we all came, met, became friends, fought, laughed, loved, fought...again and again....laughed, loved, lived... it just happened all together. and see, we are still friends...all most 6 months, 15 days later, with 501 and 601 still the best yet the worst places to be, hiras', moushis', now added to the routine...604, shooting floor, computer lab(which we are finally learning to love, well...not all ;)), corridors, the activity its' best in the evenings withe the cool air blowing against our faces, wiping away all the tensions for those few seconds, the bathrooms...ah! stress busters... ;) :D :P , Ayush Internship...still begging to us to write in to them...hahaha, what a joke...and writings behind the walls, the doors (the bathrooms to be specific, please grow up people...shame on you, such kiddish behaviour, and trust me, I ain't speaking this in my context)...

well...guess i said too much, but then....whatever, said what i had to.

So, anyway, all I wanted to say, I conveyed in those few lines at the beginning of this blog, rest all...just random thoughts, had them for so long, thought should let them out.
good day to all.


  1. And some people came from bhopal, han?
    Thats really cool. Bhopal is a damn nice place. And so are some people there.

    Cute post. And get over the "posts" on the bathroom doors. That is like the height of joblessness.

  2. agree with Tejaswini and shaan: what, are we in KG???? Bathroom bitching is so lame...

  3. hahaha...

    yeah yeah shaaaaaanu, they are SO totally cool! Bhopal is a damn nice place, never been there, would like to go.

    and thanks kavya for the support! people should really get over this kiddish behaviour of theirs.