Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peace of Mind- what is it????

The sound of silence can often be so deafening. Even with no sound around you are compelled to think about so many things happening around in your life. We spend every moment in our life fighting for work. We work all our life to fight off our problems. Isn’t the peace of mind anything to us?
For a student, is peace achieved when he or she gets good grades in his academic life? Or is he/she at peace just enjoying life- smoking, drinking, chatting away with friends- passing away precious time knowing full well that it will never come back to him.
We go to college and so many times just do a proxy and leave- to escape the boredom of sitting through an hour of “non- sensical” jabbering or sit in class and just try to memorize everything that is said- after all we have to top the exams isn’t it?
We have to show everyone how brilliant we are! We need to tell everyone who’s the boss!!
Is this a way of attaining the peace of mind?
Every individual has his or her own perception about this.
I have mine too!
I like bring quiet sometimes. Just stand in the Activity Lounge and stare at the tennis court in the opposite direction.
It’s as if I am staring into blankness.
At that point of time my mind is totally empty, devoid of emotion, expression and any kind of thought what so ever!
Writing this right now reminds me of one of the sessions we had in Panchgani. Mr. Joshi was telling us about how we should keep silent for a few minutes daily and listen to our inner voice!
I try doing that a lot nowadays!
Time stands still and I recall so many things which normally I wouldn’t have even bothered thinking about!
The fights I have had, the conflicts that I so often find myself a part of, all come into my head and slowly I begin to see a solution for it all!
Whoa I just read what I had written and it all sounds so philosophical as if I am attaining some kind of Nirvana or Enlightenment!
Is this peace of mind?
For me the peace of mind is something that exists but very hard to experience!
In your daily life you have so many things going on- assignments, tests, love, issues with friends etc. so how can you be at peace or experience that feeling?
There are so many distractions. There is so much that zooms in and out of your head so much so that sometimes it becomes hard to even focus on your daily routine!
There is so much stuff to do; so much on your mind that having time on your hands soon becomes a luxury you rarely can afford!
My question is- what is the peace of mind?


  1. Have no answers, but all that you've written is SO true!

    My mind can't stop blabbering sometimes.


    Oh Btw... its not Mr. Joshi, it's Joshi Uncle ;) :P

  2. Your piece is so valid to all of us.
    It's so true that we're avoiding ourselves in the process of trying to figure life out and doing well,etc. This has acted as a reminder to devote time to myself.

  3. I am glad....from time to time we should just let go of all else and be selfish and think of ourselves only....even if its for a lil while only.... :D
    btw wats ur blog id??