Saturday, January 2, 2010

Observations. :P

Ok...So We're done with the 1st Sem...Well...A list of few thigns what we all know (OBVIOUS)..

1. 501 & 601 [:P]

2. Hira's ( All Hail Smoke )

3. Faasos

4. Lift Record (Current 17) [:o]

5.Warning Letters are no more a threat....

6. A.S. is unpredictible

7. Media Laws is Really Important...Like REALLY !

8. Attendance is the only thing IMPORTANT !!!

9. Making Short Films is NOT a Joke

10. Mess Food Sucks

11. Cafeteria is Awesome

12. Sleeping early at 0100 Like very GAY !

13. You have to check SIMC Mail every 6 Hours

14. Comp Lab is the place where most of the Gossips/Bitching take place.

15. Activity Lounge is a Hangout Lounge..more than the activity.

16. Pavement + Evening Time + Friends + A Smoke = Awesomenesssssss !!! [;)]

17. Mercury is just a 2 month baby with Loads of Visitor.

18. Sitting at your Home betn 6 PM - 10 Pm.... is So NOT Cool !!!!

19. Rasoi, Punjabi Dhaba, Venky's, Megabite, Chang's, Chopstix, Bawarchi Etc.

20. Sai Dristhi is Hell..for Everyone

21. You've have to atleast... have a Vada Pav with a Chai n A Smoke @ Mausi Ji, Once

a day during the free time

22. 602 is used for Jamming Sessions !

23. College Wi-Fi Irittates with the Firewall and Shit

24. Every one has become a better Photographer.

25. You don't ask the Senior about : " Hey what's the whole deal with The Heart and

Mind ? "

26. Davidoff/Marlboro/Verve/Ultra Mild/Classic Mild/Gold Flake.

27. Boozing on Terrace is Like Woah !!!!!!!!!!

28. Cafe 9.

29. Neco Gardens

30. CAD B

31. Being Nice is GAY . Being Mean and a Bindaas Person is being normal in


32. Editing Suite is hardly a "SUITE".

33. Communication teacher ko Hindi aur Angrezi nahi aati !

34. You Don't Mess with A.S.

35. Peon Bhaiyaa's are easy.

36. MRA - Asia Plateau is Like.. WOW !!!

37. Panchagani was everyone's favorite..that happened lately

38. Lalwani Vastu A2-301 and Sreemangal Padma 204.

39. Thrusdays at High Spirits.

40. Everyone knows what's a Shamiana.

41. You take out your cell phone and switch on the stop watch at movies.

42. There’s something wrong just because you’re wearing a round neck T shirt.

43. Corporation bank Shows you an error most of the time when asked for 1000 INR or more :

44. Mhada vs Sakore Nagar =D.

45. Thankfully, there are no Hippies in SIMC, like the other colleges of Symbii.

46. Every one wants to act in one movie or the other.

47. Seniors love Shyama Ma'am, for Obvious reasons.

48. Assignments have never been such a Pain in the Ass.

49. Ajay Zad is not easy.

50. Everyone is happy that 1st sem is over. =)

51. Everyone is happy that 2nd sem is full of Photography and Electronic Media.

- Chirantan Mahajan.


  1. Point # 44.
    Drives me crazy =) :P.

  2. #44...i second shaan!
    #45...totally true...
    otherwise.... we rock!

  3. Ha ha ha ha..After five year I come to know that I was not easy to you guys..strange.