Monday, January 18, 2010

What else for a first?

I'm not going to say that we're 'still' talking about it. There's nothing 'still' about it.

After nearly 2 months now, we're so not over Panchgani. And, boy, am i glad it's so! Like for every other single person, that trip kind of marked my time in Symbiosis as a clear, thick band of unforgettable memories, feelings and bonds. 

The other day, casually talking about nothing in particular, Panchgani came up and i remember voicing: "Damn, if only we could do it again"

"we can go, individually..." came the reply and we left it at that. There was no point in saying the obvious: the whole lot of US wouldn't be there. I guess it was because we felt, for a precious few days, as one single being. And it feels amazing to belong. It's what most of us are still looking for, isn't it??

Maybe it's so precious because it's something we all did together and something we know we wont be doing again. Atleast not like that...

Maybe amazingly wonderful trips like that are beautiful because of their singularity.

Whatever it is, i  know i'm not done talking or writing about it.