Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farenheit 9/11, Really?

He didn’t write anything. He couldn’t. He just stared at the proof in front of him. This was past ridicule. He couldn’t believe it.

Each paper lyin g on that table seemed to shout, ‘America is dumb. We have George W. Bush, we have him as our President.’

And then he laughed. For all those trampled sons of b******, for all those who cared enough about their motherland – the US of A and for those who laid down their lives for the 2001 version of “War of freedom”.

Fahrenheit 9/11, a documentary that stirred that little something in me; it made me think.

Is the pen mightier than the sword? Does that nib overpower the President? It didn’t. Not completely so. He was afterall, elected a second time round.

But then, there is that small question in my head, was he even a legitimate President? Did he win the first election? Was he the War President he openly claimed to be?

Cynical and quizzical, that was what this (had) made me. There wasn’t much humor involved – not the slapstick kind. There wasn’t much shooting – maybe around some 20%. But then, there was a lot of editing.

What was Micheal Moore, the acclaimed director wondering at this point of time?

What was he thinking of?

Was he thinking of how to arrange every little bit of ‘information’?

Was he filling in his own mental gaps?

Was he putting a point across?

Or was it just plain old monopoly?

Could have been either. But then it was honest. Really. It was an honest attempt at conveying his thought process. He was afterall, not against the Republicans. He just for casualty’s sake supported the left.

The new Tom Paine, indeed.

He casually went through that entire list of ‘martyrs’. The name of his friend at the bottom right corner disgusted him. He couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t afford to show these emotions on camera. Not on film. Not to any person. He was the closest to me, and me alone; at least in death.

He turned around. Lying there, was a box of another bunch of tapes. This time round it was the American troops deployed to Iraq. He hadn’t seen or heard an entire A/V. He couldn’t really bear the talks.

There was so much to explore. There was so much to tell.

He got back to work.

He had another long night of editing in front of him.

His pack of cigarettes waited beside the counter to be lit.

Particularly, the near about one hour of footage had no source. There was one accredited guy in the credits. There was no mention of any network channel in the documentary by itself, other than maybe the FOX Network.

Why should I believe that the dumbest President that has ever walked the planet was told in a kindergarten school of the bombing of the World Trade Centers?

Why would I believe that Bush really does believe that traveling in USA is okay while Rumsfield tells us about the war troops in Afghanistan on the other channel?

`Why is there no reference to the collective database?

What relevance does this masterpiece have in our world 10 years after the 9/11 attacks?

Why is a Democrat in place now? Why was John McCain shown the ‘L’ sign in his speech by the same director that openly supports peace?

Why was he against the one who was against the War for Freedom? Why did he support the black head who represented that all is fine in America – “I support the Iraq war guy”?

Are his objectives questionable?

Are his achievements questionable?

Are his ethics questionable?

Is anything he did justifiable?

In the name of the Lord our God, rest in peace forever.

His objectives, his achievements; all of them are not questionable. For, he had a right. He exercised it. George W. Bush had rights (and responsibilities) he exercised them (and forgot the other, invariably so).

We never will know how Moore directed the film. We will never know if he staged a part of it. We will never know if he was right. We will never know if he did shed a tear. We will never know if he was dumbfounded by any of the information he saw.

All we have are our perceptions. And all he did was project his – only on a larger basis that you or I might ever do.

I have a mind.

All humans have a mind.

It can be termed a monkey brain or the brain of a genius – it still remains.

But Forgive me dear Lord, for I have sinned. For I have thought it out this time.

For I have tried to put across the truth. Or not?

Akanksha Arya


  1. The doc is a pain to watch.
    I mean how did a country survive such a man for so long?

    This entry, makes me think about the other side, about Moore, and what really went through him.

    Well written.
    Lots of questions this side too.

  2. amazing, brilliant, very nicely written...gets your brain ticking, and asking questions it what w really think it is...?