Sunday, February 7, 2010

yaaron, dosti badi hi hasin hai...

am just so in love with the nature, listening to yaaron by k.k... so, nothing else came in my mind at the moment other than putting up this pic of a tree i took, while on our way to panchgani, then the second one of my doggie...caeser, who still being so close to me is far, but never the less is a sweetheart, and the third being my first book i read by james patterson and since thenon he became my fav author. in actuality, nobody stays behind with us, times come, when even your best friends walk out on you, turn their back on you when you need them the most, and you are left behind, speechless, in utter disbelief as to what just happened, oh my effin god, what just DID happen...?!?
but then, if you come to think of it, there are only three things in this world which stay put with you, even in your most desperate times of need, when you need a companion, someone to share your joys and happiness, your sadness and grief...basically everything, and well those three things are:
a) nature
b) your pet doggie
c) your books and copies

teri har burai pe daante wo dost; gham ki ho dhoop to saaya bane tera wo dost...arrey yaaron dosti badi hi hasin hai, ye naa ho toh kya fir bolo ye zindagi hai...


  1. "times come, when even your best friends walk out on you"


    Three things that stay with you. VERY TRUE. Especially the Pet Dog. :)

    Keep writing,

    Love You.

  2. I know,and btw you know what? I wrote this keeping in mind what all i, you and many more people have gone through...

    "Hota hai. Sab ke saath hota hai." :)somebody keeps saying this to me everytime i fall into shit, and well thats everyday, almost. :) thanks for being there, you somebody. :)

    love you lots. and lots. and lots.

    :) <3 :*

    and yes, btw...those three things have always been the ones who stood by me, when no one else did. especially caeser. :)

    love you, and caeser...and, teehee...LOVEEEEEEEE YOU!

  3. ...times come when even our best frnds walk out on us....
    i ve done tht...i regret u can NEVER be alone!
    as long as u ve u urself....u never ur lonliness u ll talk to some1 whom u then realize to be some1 spl n close to u....
    so basically ur being alone is impossible...though u mite be in tht situation temporarily! :)
    nice writing!

  4. thank you devu. i appreciate your thoughts.

    i can totally understand how you must be feeling about what you have mentioned, but always think whatever happens happens for the best. so be it. they i think i found my next topic! yayie! )

    and i know, that u can never be alone. i have written a poem on that. it is up on my blog at

    check it out there or rather i'l put it up here...
    and thanks for the compliment again.