Friday, February 12, 2010


(well, this poem is in response to devangs' answer to the last blog i posted here. to you devu...)

Oh I just realised
Being lonely is just a word
‘Cuz there deep inside
There is a u with you; a me with me

You can never be lonely
As always there is sum1 with u
On your left and your right
Deep inside

Far away in nothingness
Don’t run away; don’t hide
Don’t shed your tears
Night after night

Say that it’s gonna b alright
Say it’s gonna b ok
Never don’t you leave yourself
Nah, never do that

That’s being a coward
At its highest order
Remember never do that
Just don’t

Be you yourself
Always forever
N you’ll never feel lonely
Never alone

I know that you are upset
I know that u can’t do this
But you have 2
U have 2 do it
Whatever it takes

Just look up at the star
And close your eyes
Let the tears flow
It all gets over someday

Now just search yourself
N you’ll find a happy version of your life
U won’t believe that you could be so blind
That you ignored life

Now go on
The ball is in your court
Swing it on.

Remember it always
You are never alone
You’re always there for yourself
Or HE is there; to take care!


  1. the thots u pour out here couldn have been done in a better way!!! :) i am glad i was the one to initiate these thots!! :D

  2. yayie!

    thank u devu... :)

    it all is completely from the heart!