Friday, February 12, 2010

Whose Your Daddy?

Not really!
This picture of a small baby holding a slipper in his hand and looking at an older person wearing a pair of slippers, goes to show how we look up to more matured and experienced people before treading at similar paths.
Well obviously, here its too literal 'looking up' here! 


  1. brilliant hai ye toh bhai!

    like totally. and oh my god, the way you write...i guess you should take up writing as well. bhaiya ji, aap bahot hi acha likhatva hain. aap ye jaanat ho ya na hi?

  2. Brilliant.

    Thanks for updating the blog. There is a mail I had sent you long long back regarding the layout of the blog. Even if you were/are too busy to do it, a reply wouldn't have killed anyone.

  3. Oh btw, the facebook picture too is nice.

  4. I'll get the layout done and keep updating this blog. For the facebook picture... Thank you :)